Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Overhaul Your Worst Eating Habits

Why feel guilty every time to eat?
Eating wrong can be a serious habit. For so many people eating can be very confusion, scary and self destructive. Here are a few tips you can do to help you eat better and provide more energy.

1.Bad Habit: Missing meals
Letting yourself get too hungry is one of the worst things you can do if you're trying to lose weight. So many people will make a cup of coffee, but skip breakfast. So many parents will make breakfast for their kids, but won’t make enough for them self. Finally, when you finally do eat, you're likely to throw down too much food. It's very difficult to make good meal choices when you are starving.

What to do:
Don’t Miss Breakfast!!! Make enough for your child and your self. Use the time to start your child’s day off right with some quality time with you. Make sure you then refuel every four to five hours. If you have a busy work schedule and rarely stop once your day begins, plan your meals for the day like an appointment. Set you alarm clock on your computer to remind you to eat. You can even eat simple meals like microwaveable healthy meals, low-fat cottage cheese and fruit, or a high-fiber nutrition bar and a container of nonfat yogurt. Eating healthy carbohydrates and lean protein will provide long-lasting energy and balance out your blood sugar.

2. Bad habit: Restaurant Jukie!
Restaurants are a caloric nightmare. Portion sizes can be huge, and chefs often have a heavy hand with salt, fat, and sugar. You’ll eat an extra 500 per meal you eat out!

What to do: If you can't cook at home, limit the damage. Avoid alcohol, which contains empty calories and weakens your inhibitions, making it harder order healthy meals. Stick with water and skip the bread basket and go for salad (with oil and vinegar on side) This will help curb your appetite. Next, pick a lean protein entrée, such as fish or chicken, and choose preparation methods that use little fat, such as poaching, grilling, or broiling. With tons of veggies.

3. Bad habit: Using food as comfort
Most people who struggle with their weight use food to help them deal with negative emotions or stress. Once the food is gone, the problem is still there, plus now guilt sets in..

What to do: Try to understand what you are feelings ("I'm sad, not hungry"), and remind yourself that eating won't solve things. Remember, how you feel in the past from using food to solve your problem. Then find another solution to your problem, such as calling a friend, taking a walk, or reading. In time, food will not be the choice for solutions.

4. Bad habit: Eating when you're not hungry
Choosing to eat a snack when you are already full only adds on the pounds.

What to do: Before you open you mouth to eat something, ask your self if you are truly hunger.. If No, put down and walk away. If you're a little hungry and it’s not time to eat, wait until it your next meal. When you do sit down to eat, "eat until you are 80 percent full." This will help you from overstuffing yourself.