Friday, December 12, 2008

Create Active Holiday Habits

I don’t know about you, but the holidays can be a very stressful but yet exciting time of the year. With our mind on getting the perfect gift, while trying to save money causes us to lose focus on our health. So why not try these tips to help squeeze in some physical activity during these last weeks before the big day?

1.Cut back on your family's television viewing time. Limit the number of hours your children spend playing video games. Instead make a new holiday tradition. Take a brisk walk (or wheel) around the neighborhood to see the holiday decorations or grab your bike, walking shoes or head out to the nearest trails or national park.

2.Play some backyard football, Frisbee or just Tag with children and adults before the big holiday dinner or during football half-time.

3.Grab your partner and Dance or exercise to your favorite holiday music. Together with friends make a New Year’s commitment with friends to start a daily walking group.

4.While you are standing in line to buy your special person a gift, try to maintain you balance and stand evenly on both feet. You could squeeze and hold your glute muscles or even heel raises (try 20 reps of your choice). Don’t stand with your hips out the side, this places your body out of alignment and cause unnecessary stress.

5.The Mall Shopping Workout- take advantage of your trip to the mall (plan for extra time) as you prepare your shopping list also plan your shopping route. Deliberately plan to go from one side of the mall to the other and chew up as much of the mall floor as you can between each store. Make frequent trips to your car to unload and return back to your route. Use your “New York City Walk”, when you are walking from store to store. Anyone who has visited NY, knows the NY city walk. FAST !!!!

6.Most of all, don’t give up on yourself. If you miss your goal for today try again tomorrow and keep trying until you get back into the game. It’s so important to forgive yourself and see each day and an opportunity to becoming more active. The more you think about being active increases your chance to move more!

Casio Jones