Friday, April 24, 2009

Quick Snack Tips For The Office

1.Set your alarm ten minutes earlier than usual and use the extra time to make a packed lunch. Include whole grains, lean protein and vegetables. It needn’t be complicated: how about a turky and lettuce sandwich on whole meal bread, with a handful of cherry tomatoes on the side?

2.Buy five pieces of fruit at the start of the week – bananas, apples, pears –Keep them on your desk and eat one each day.

3.Keep a water bottle on your desk. We all know we should drink more water, but it’s easy to get absorbed in work. Take regular sips – staying hydrated will help you concentrate, and ensure you don’t mistake mild thirst for hunger pangs, Add lemon juice for extra Antioxidant.

4.Cut down on caffeine. Switch one of your daily cups of coffee for an herbal tea.

5. Leave your office at lunch time. Go for a brisk walk, or ask your nearest gym for a free day pass and check out their facilities. How about inviting a friend to join you? If you really can’t get out, make some time before or after work to exercise – cycle or walk to work, if you can.

6.Cut the cookies or snack cakes. Do you work in an office where there’s a communal cookie tin – or where peers are constantly bringing in cakes to celebrate birthdays? Buy a box of low-fat cereal bars, keep them in your desk drawer, and munch on one of those instead when you hear the cookie tin calling your name.

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Rich Bradford said...

I think I was following this advice or a variation of it about 6 or 7 years ago. After reading this, I need to get back to these good habits.