Monday, May 4, 2009

The H1N1 - How to Fight Back !

The H1N1 flu and human immune system has been front and center in this week’s headlines. I know the following information will be important to you as well.

Our bodies are created with an powerful and complex immune system, and given the proper raw materials, the body can do wonderful things that even modern medicine cannot accomplish. It is known that a strong immune system is critical to avoiding and being overcome by pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Research confirms that the Standard American Diet (SAD) combined with poor sleep, stress and a sedentary lifestyle is a recipe for compromised immunity. People with good diets and active lifestyles are seldom sick and when they do become ill, recover much faster than their peers with poor diets and lifestyles.

Here are a few high-impact steps you can take to support your immune system:
• Increase your intake of Omega 3 (EPA & DHA) together with Vitamins D , and A. Most people are deficient in all three and all three have been shown to significantly enhance immunity.

• Vitamin C and Zinc also helps improve your immune system.

• Add 3+ servings of fresh vegetables per meal and some fresh fruit.

• Replace a daily meal with a LivingFuel Smoothie. LivingFuel This is my store were you can get a can of LivingFuel Smoothie.

• Eat plenty of garlic, onions, oregano, coconut, hot peppers and spices. Extracts and oils of these nutrients can be extremely effective. Try odorless Garlic capsules as well.

• Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar - you can find it in the green section of Publix.

• Wash your hands frequently.

• Avoid places with high risk of infection such as doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals.

• Avoid flu shots and other vaccinations.

• Avoid or minimize medications.

• Avoid highly processed junk foods, fried foods and sugar. This includes items such as sandwiches, baked goods, cookies, crackers, donuts, French fries, hot dogs, ice cream, pizza, potato chips, waffles and other processed foods that contain flour and/or sugar and many other impurities. These types of foods are enemies of sustained energy, performance and immunity. Recent research shows that a single serving of refined carbohydrates given to a lean, healthy young adult is enough to triple their inflammatory response to the surge in blood glucose.

• Avoid overeating which can cause inflammation and compromise immunity.

Please listen to your body and if you feel anything coming on, shut yourself down and get some rest and please go to your physician for attention. The information I shared with you is not to replace anything your physicians tell you. But please understand where your physician’s education comes from. Are they quick to write a script for drugs or are they egger to get to the root of your problem and not just the effect of your problem. You have a choice on how to live your lifestyle, don’t let it get to a point when you don’t have a choice anymore. Take Action and Live..

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